Residential Solid Waste Services

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How do I sign up for trash and recycling services?
Contact the City of Fulshear Utility Billing Department at 281-346-8830.

How much do solid waste services cost?
$6.40 per month ($1.08 for trash and $5.32 for recycling, this does include the tax)

When is pick up?
Trash and recycling pick up is every Wednesday between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Garbage must be placed on the curb by 7:00 AM to guarantee pick up. 

What services are provided?
Trash and recycling, curbside collections. 95 gallon carts are provided by WCA for trash (grey lid or blue can) and recycling (yellow lid or grey can). 

One cart is not enough, can I rent more?
There is an option for an additional $6.00 a month per can and a one time delivery cost of $35.00.

When is heavy/large trash pick up?
Large items that will not fit into the provided carts, once broken down, should be placed beside them for pick up every Wednesday. If the items are too large, WCA will flag them with a yellow tag, providing information on special collection pricing/pick up.  Special collections for large items can be scheduled with WCA at anytime, a yellow tag is not required.

What is the holiday/alternate pick up schedule?
The City’s contract provider is scheduled to provide services on the Saturday following the holiday, when the holiday falls on a regular trash day. 

Why monthly billing? 

Monthly billing is more efficient and convenient for both the customer and the Utility Billing Department.  You are welcome to pay in advance for services up to one year. 

Why once per week pickup? 
The City of Fulshear is a small community.  At this time, once per week service is sufficient.  Most cities within Fort Bend County only have once per week service.  It is too costly for a city of this size and for a number of customers to incur services more than once per week. 

Why a 95 gal cart? 
Please use only the 95 gallon cart provided to you, as your garbage will be serviced by an automated truck.  When you received your cart, there was a specification sheet taped to the inside lid with instructions for cart use.  If you need an additional cart, they are available for a charge of $6.00 per month, billed monthly.  If the item does not fit in the cart, place the item outside the cart on the day of pickup.  If the item cannot be picked up upon regular garbage service, the item will be issued a yellow tag with instructions on arrangements that can be made directly between you and WCA.

Do I have to pay for these services if I don't use them? 
Ordinance 01-878 requires all customers in the City of Fulshear to pay for garbage services whether the service is used or not.  In accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code, the City must ensure sanitary conditions including solid waste services for all residents and businesses of the City.  WCA has a contract for garbage services with the City of Fulshear and is the only approved solid waste provider within the City limits.  If you choose not to pay for garbage services, you will be in violation of the law and you will be issued a citation.

Can I opt out of recycling services? 
Current residents (established prior to February 19, 2014) can opt out of the recycling program up through March 21, 2014 upon the adoption of City Ordinance 2014-1131.  New residents will only have the opportunity to opt out when the solid waste account is created with the City. The City encourages customers to participate in this program because it reduces the amount of waste going to landfills in the community.  All residents can opt into the service at any time. 

What do I do if my cart has been lost or stolen?  
Please contact Customer Service at 281-346-8830 to report and schedule a replacement.

Is Handicap service available? 
Yes, in order for assistance with your garbage and recycle pickup, you must submit proper documentation to the City of Fulshear to have your trash and recycling picked up from a designated door outside your residence.