Public Utilities

Pay Solid Waste Bill Online

Online credit card payments will be charged a $1.25 processing fee and a convenience fee of 3%.  Customers making credit card payments in the office will only be charged the 3% convenience fee.  This link also provides direct access to your billing, consumption and payment history. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Click the header above to go to the Payment Portal.

Water & Sewer

 The City of Fulshear contracts with Severn Trent Services for the operations, maintenance, management and billing of our public water and wastewater utility systems. To establish new service, discontinue service, make billing inquiries or ask general questions, please contact Severn Trent Services. You are also urged to contact Severn Trent Services for any emergencies or problems with your water and sewer.

The following remittance addresses are available to you upon receipt of your bill:

Full Service Payment Window:                  Mailing Address:                                                         
Customer Service Window                           City of Fulshear
16337 Park Row Blvd                   
                 P.O. Box 684000
Houston, Texas 77084                                  Houston, Texas  77268-4000

Contact Customer Service at 281.579.4500
Email Customer Service:
Email Billing Inquiries:

24 Hour Emergency Services: 281.398.8211

Residential and Commercial Solid Waste & Recycling Services 

FAQ regarding Solid Waste Services

The City of Fulshear awarded an exclusive three year franchise contract with Royal Disposal & Recycle beginning February 2014. In December 2014 Royal Disposal & Recycle was purchased by WCA - Waste Corporation of Texas. Ordinance No. 01-878 requires all Residential and Commercial Solid Waste to be collected from an approved franchise.  WCA is the only approved solid waste franchise provided within the City limits.
WCA provides 95-gallon carts for all residents for solid waste (gray lid) and recycling (yellow lid). Collection services are provided every Wednesday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. All garbage must be placed on the curb by 7:00 AM to guarantee pick up. The carts provided by WCA are the only approved carts for the automated collection services.  Unapproved carts will not be serviced.  Additional carts are available through WCA at a rate of $5.00 per month, billed in full each calendar year. Please contact WCA directly for an additional cart.  A radio frequency identification number (RFID) is branded on each cart and recorded by address.  Carts are to remain at the property assigned, regardless of occupancy and whether or not the carts are used. For more information about the carts and collection services, please refer to the trash and recycle specification sheets. 

Large items that will not fit into the provided carts, once broken down, should be placed beside them for pick up. If the items are too large, WCA will flag them with a yellow tag, providing information on special collection pricing/pick up.  Special collections for large items can be scheduled with WCA at anytime, a yellow tag is not required.

Recycling services are available to all residents and included in your monthly bill. Established residents, prior to the date of February 19, 2014, will have the opportunity to opt out of the recycling program by March 21, 2014 by submitting the Recycling Service Opt Out Agreement with a copy of a government issued photo ID. This documentation must be filled out in its entirety and submitted via email, fax (281-346-8868), mail (P.O. Box 1134, Fulshear, TX 77441, Attn: Utility Billing) or in person (30603 FM 1093, Fulshear, TX 77441). Residents can opt back in to the recycling program at any time; however, this is the ONLY time current residents will have the option to opt out. Please refer to Ordinance 2014-1131

New residents will have the option to opt out of the recycling program at the time the solid waste account is set up if they so choose. To opt out of this service, please contact the Utility Billing Coordinator, Toni Velie

Handicap services are available upon request based on need. Medical documentation must be provided to the City of Fulshear and services will be provided upon application approval.  If you are in need of this service, contact Utility Billing Coordinator, Toni Velie, for more information. 

According to City Ordinance 01-878, city residents are required to pay for solid waste services whether those services are utilized or not. In accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code, the City must ensure sanitary conditions including solid waste services for all residents and businesses of the City.  Citations will be issued by the City of Fulshear for delinquent accounts.  Solid Waste Services are billed monthly at a total fee of $18.00 ($14.71 for trash and $3.29 for recycling), which is subject to tax.


Electrical & Gas Utilities

Residents of the City of Fulshear have the power to choose a retail electricity provider.  For a complete listing of providers please visit:

Natural Gas Services are provided by CenterPoint Energy.  To obtain services, please contact CenterPoint Energy 713-659-2111.

While residents can choose any retail electric provider, CenterPoint Energy provides gas and electric line utility services in Fulshear.  To report outages and emergencies, please contact CenterPoint Energy at the following numbers:

Gas: 713-659-2111                             Electric: 713-207-2222


Fulshear residents have many options when choosing a telephone or internet provider.  Most providers offer bundle services packages to residents for a more cost effective product.  Some of those providers include but are not limited to DirectTV, Comcast, AT&T and Dish Network