RFQ Questions and Answers

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Note: The Questions and answers below come from the written and verbal queries submitted prior to noon on Friday, June 1, 2012.  Any subsequent questions will not be answered unless they relate to a material deficiency in the RFQ documents themselves.  If you submitted a question and do not see it posted below, please contact CJ Snipes (cjsnipes@fulsheartexs.gov) immediately.

Additionally, some of the responses may include links to other documents (in PDF format) that clarify or explain the answer given.  Please be sure to note that such links are highlighted in red and underlined.  Be sure to click them for the documents and please note that these documents will require that you have a PDF reader.

The questions are listed in no particular order although when received in one document will be grouped as such.

1)      On page 4 of 16, 1.1 paragraph two, the City references their agreement with NFBWA and services provided to the City.  Will the NFBWA provide anything other than surface water and when is the anticipated conversion date?

The City and NFBWA have cooperated on a couple of conservation education programs and an irrigation pilot program in the Cross Creek MUD’s.  Additionally, the Cross Creek MUD’s are scheduled to convert to surface water by 2025.  There is currently no planned date for the City of Fulshear system to make such a conversion.

2)      Will the contractor or the City pay for:

Responsibilities for payment of certain operating costs may be negotiated into the terms of a contract once an operator has been selected; however, the responses below generally detail the responsibilities under the current contracts.

 a)      The TCEQ consolidated water fees?

The City and the MUD’s have generally paid those fees directly.

 b)      Chemicals?

The Operator has been responsible for the procurement of chemicals.

 c)       Electricity?

The City has paid the general electric service charges and all other utility charges for all of the facilities.

 d)      Sludge Hauling?

The City has previously paid sub-contractors for their services directly.  Although previously the Operator has been allowed to select the sub-contractors for such services, the City reserves the right to participate in the selection and compensation agreement for any sub-contractor providing services on either system.

 e)      Water pumpage fees?

The City includes a pass-through charge for this fee to its customers.  As billing agent for the City the operator will calculate and collect these funds.  The City will then pay the fee to NFBWA from revenues received.

 f)       TCEQ Permits?

The prior practice is for the City and the MUD’s to pay for all TCEQ Permitting. It should be noted that any fines, fees or penalties for excursions related to Operator negligence or failure will be back charged to the operator. 

 g)      Telephone Service?

The City has traditionally paid for all utilities associated with the operation of the facilities including electric and phone service.

 h)      Facility Mowing and grounds keeping?

The City will handle the mowing for the facilities.  It will be the responsibility of the operator to maintain a clean, sanitary workspace.

3)      Are tap fees a separate billing issue?

Yes. Please see below for the City’s Rate Order Ordinances, Tap Fee Ordinances and Groundwater Reduction Fee Ordinances:

Ord. # 2010-1012 Basic Water and Sewer Rates

Ord. # 2010-1022 Clarifying Residential and Commercial Rates

Ord. # 2011-1034 Water Rates for Irrigation Only Meters

Ord. # 2011-1056 Capping Sewer Rates for Residential Customers

Ord. # 2010-1013 Tap Fees

Ord. # 2010-1016 Amending Tap Fees

Ord. # 2011-1044 Groundwater Reduction Fees (NFBWA)

Ord. # 2011-1060 Fees on Delinquent Accounts

 4)      Will there ever be an interconnect between the two systems operated by the City?

The Development and Utility agreements between the City, the Developers and the MUD allow for two emergency interconnections.  For the foreseeable future those interconnects will the only ones allowed.

5)      If selected, who does the operator report to?

The City will be the agency the operator will report to; under its agreements with the MUD’s the City is responsible for the operation of the system. The selected operator will be expected to make monthly reports to City Council.  There may be some instances in which the operator might be asked to make reports to both the City Council and the MUD Boards but those would be special situations.

6)      What is the status for the older infrastructure associated with the City side operation?

The City is experiencing rapid growth on both systems.  While the MUD’s are responsible for the design and development of additional facilities for the CCR system; the City is responsible for the planning, design and development of facilities on City of Fulshear system.  Given the current growth rate, that system will require greater capacity in both its water and waste water operations.  The City is researching a relocation of the waste water treatment plant and will likely have to undertake such improvements in the next 2 to 3 years.  Additionally, the City anticipates the installation of a new well and water plant with the next 2 to 3 years.  The infrastructure in place is in good condition and still on the early side of its expected life cycle, the only matter driving improvement/ replacement is the need for additional capacity.

7)      Are there plans/ maps indicating the location of lines and infrastructure available?

We are currently awaiting the delivery of maps and plans in PDF format so that we may upload them here. We anticipate posting those to this site on Monday afternoon.

8)      The RFQ discusses the needs for Performance Bonding; is there a need for two separate bonds and which address should be used?

The City is requesting two separate Performance Bonds (one for each system). You may use the City Hall address: 30603 FM 1093 West, Fulshear, Texas 77441 if your bonding agency will allow it for a performance location.  If not, please see the chart below which details the addresses of each system’s facilities.

 City of Fulshear System

COF Water Plant

5 Huggins Street, Fulshear, Texas 77441

COF Sewer Plant

30618 FM 1093, Fulshear, Texas 77441

COF Lift Station

8145 Houston Street, Fulshear, Texas 77441

FCC Lift Station

5411 Lake Hill Farm Way, Fulshear, Texas 77441

Cross Creek Ranch System

CCR Sewer Plant

29002 1/2 FM 1093, Fulshear, Texas 77441

CCR Water Plant

28228 1/2 FM 1093, Fulshear, Texas 77441

CCR Lift Station

5750 1/2 Cross Creek Bend Ln, Fulshear, Texas 77441

CCR Lfit Station

7127 1/2 W Cross Creek Bend Ln, Fulshear, Texas 77441

CCR Lift Station

6555 1/2 Flewellen Way, Fulshear, Texas 77441

COF Lift Station

29916 FM 1093, Fulshear, Texas 77441