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Fulshear Parks and Recreation Commission

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The Fulshear Parks and Recreation Commission was created by city ordinance on April 17, 2012, to oversee the development and operation of current and future Fulshear parks. Our members strive to strike a balance between young and old, tradition and innovation and the needs of one versus the needs of many so that citizens and visitors, alike, can enjoy and safely utilize our park's facilities. Please feel free to contact us with thoughts or comments via our listed email addresses.

Mission Statement: The Fulshear Parks Commission exists to facilitate a range of parks and recreation opportunities desired by residents and guests to enrich quality of life and increase their enjoyment through recreation and education in a variety of settings.

 Parks Commission

Our Commission

Dave Bundrick [Chair]
Dave Bundrick, along with his wife of 17 years & two children, reside in Cross Creek Ranch.  Having earned a Master's degree from Texas A&M in Recreation & Resources Development, Dave now serves as Minister of Fitness & Recreation at Houston's First Baptist Church.

You may contact Dave at:

Ramona Ridge [Vice Chair]
Ramona comes from a long line of parks and civic volunteers. She is a Master Naturalist and a Master Gardener. Ramona is interested in nurturing all of our local beauty and natural resources. Born in Lubbock, she attended Columbia University and is a dealer of fine art. Ramona has lived abroad in various locales before finding her paradise in Fulshear.

You may contact Ramona at:

Cheryl Finney [Secretary]

[Details to come]

Tajana Mesic [Commissioner]
 Tajana Mesic works as the Managing Director of Green Grove Group Sustainability Solutions, a sustainability consultancy.  She holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dallas and Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Business from the University of Alabama. She is an active member of International Society of Sustainability Professionals and a Certified Sustainability Professional.  Tajana's current community involvements include Junior League of Houston and Kollo Collaborative. Tajana and her family relocated from Dallas to Cross Creek Ranch and are actively engaged in the Fulshear community. She enjoys traveling, gardening and nature outings with family and her dogs. Above all, she appreciates nature and the beauty of Fulshear.

You may contact Tajana at:
CJ McDaniel [Commissioner]

With a background in golf course design and construction and sports facilities development, CJ has 45 years experience in assisting developers and builders in every facet of planning and completion of many diverse projects. He has been instrumental in assisting in a number of conservation easement projects that have earmarked thousands of acres of land to long term conservation protection. CJ and his wife, Pat, relocated to the Lakes of Cross Creek Ranch from Plano, Texas to be closer to family, who also reside in Cross Creek Ranch. CJ attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and was the Director of Marketing for the PGA. Interests include photography and building all wood furniture from native Texas woods.

You may contact CJ at:

Pat Mollere [Commissioner]

[Details to come]

Matthew Banister [Commissioner]

[Details to come]