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To date (2015), the City of Fulshear is a General Law City. According to the Texas Municipal League:  

"General law cities are smaller cities, most of which are less than 5,000 in population. All general law cities operate according to specific state statutes prescribing their powers and duties. General law cities are limited to doing what the state authorizes or permits them to do. If state law does not grant general law cities the express or implied power to initiate a particular action, none may be taken. Approximately seventy-five percent of all Texas cities operate under the general laws; the remainder are home rule cities. “General law” is a term used to describe all of the state laws applicable to a particular class of things. A general law city, therefore, is one that is subject to all of the state laws applicable to such cities, most of which are found in the Local Government Code. General law city officials occasionally call the Texas Municipal League office to request a copy of their “city charters.’’ Unlike home rule cities, general law cities do not have charters. The creation of a general law city is documented in its incorporation papers, filed at the county courthouse, which describe when the city was established and its original boundaries." (Handbook for Mayors & Councilmembers - Chapter 1).