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Citations for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility will be dismissed at no charge upon presentation to the court of proof that the vehicle or driver was covered by a valid liability insurance policy at the time the citation was issued, and provided said proof is presented to the court on or before your appearance date.

Dismissal fees will be assessed for the following offenses upon presentation to the court of compliance within twenty (20) business days of the date of the citation:






 Expired Driver’s License


20 working days From citation date OR before original court date

 Proof of Renewal


 Fail To Display Driver’s License



Show proof of valid driver’s license at time of offense. Prosecutor must make motion to dismiss.


Violate Driver’s License Restriction Or Endorsement


 Before original court  date

DPS removes the restriction or endorsement  before original court date  OR  medical condition corrected by citation date.


 Driver’s License Fail to Report Change of Address/Name


 20 working days from citation date

 Proof of Compliance







 Expired Registration MVR – (Plates)


20 working days from citation date OR before original court date

 Proof of Compliance with late registration penalty fee, only if 60 days expired or less


 License Plates Displayed, Altered, Unclean Or Obscured


 Before original court date



License Plates Operate Motor Vehicle Without Plates or With One Plate


 Before original court date

Registration valid at time of offense and insignia attached to vehicle prior to original court date.


 Defective Equipment*Operate Vehicle in Unsafe Condition


 Before original court date

 Proof of Compliance


Proof of compliance includes copies of receipts, driver’s license, and driver’s license renewal receipts.