City Treasurer/ Finance Officer, Kristi Brashear

Kristi Brashear

As the Finance Officer/City Treasurer, Kristi Brashear has the general responsibility of financial administration for the City.  She provides managerial, analytical, and administrative support for all city departments.  Mrs. Brashear oversees the entire budget process, supervises the receipt and disbursement of all City money and controls all expenditures to insure budget appropriations are not exceeded. 

Kristi is tasked with preparing financial reports, investments of funds authorized by state law, maintains proper accounting procedures for the City government and each of its offices, departments and agencies.  She also oversees all purchasing procedures. 

The Finance Officer manages all bills, invoices, payrolls, utility expenses, and any other charge or claim demands of the City and prepares and presents these claims to City Council on a monthly basis for review and approval. 

Mrs. Brashear is an active member of Texas Municipal League, Government Finance Officers, Government Finance Officers of Texas, and the Gulf Coast Chapter of Government Finance Officers of Texas.

The Finance Department is open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM to assist the public with any questions they may have regarding the financial concerns of the City.

Kristi J. Brashear
Office:  281-346-1796 ext. 11
Fax: 281-346-2556