Population/Demographic Reports

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Fulshear's population is rapidly expanding, and the US Census Bureau's 2016 population estimates for Texas released in July 2017 revealed Fulshear as the fastest growth city in the State. In 2017, the City’s Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) funded an inaugural demographic study for the City of Fulshear to better gauge our current population, and to project future residential and population growth. The City utilizes the demography firm, Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), to conduct the report which is updated annually.  

The report covers a study area which encompasses the City of Fulshear, its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), and areas just beyond the ETJ that are not currently included in other jurisdictions. It provides a basic population and demographic overview as well as projections, to provide reliable data regarding Fulshear's residential development, upon which other models could be built for various planning efforts across the City.

 Demographic Characteristics (US Census ACS 2016) - 2018
Area Bachelor's Degree
or Higher
Median Household
Ages 5-17 
City of Fulshear  63.9%  $167,708  34.4 yrs.  26.2%
Houston Metro  30.6%  $61,465  34.1 yrs.  19.0%

 Projected Population by Jurisdiction (moderate growth rate) - 2018
Area Oct. 2017 Oct. 2018 Oct. 2020 Oct. 2022
City of Fulshear 10,284  12,198  16,088  20,552
Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) 13,525  15,669  20,664  28,658
City + ETJ 23,089  27,867  36,752  49,210

The complete 2018 Demographic Update (most recent) documents  are available below:

For further information, please contact Economic Development at ecodev@fulsheartexas.gov, or by calling (281) 346-1796.