Comprehensive City Plans

Fulshear Future Vision

In an effort to ensure that future development within the Fulshear city limits and the City's extraterritorial jurisdiction occurs in a safe, orderly and healthy pattern, developers should conform to the following guidelines:

-- Small town character should be preserved through acknowledgement and preservation of the rural and small town history of Fulshear in new development.

-- The density of new construction should not dramatically exceed that which currently exists in Fulshear; an emphasis should be placed on larger lot development, though a mix of development densities may be considered appropriate. 

-- Development patterns should encourage sustainable economic development, but while preserving the rural and open space character of Fulshear.

-- Signage should be low-key and limited.

-- Adequate recreational facilities and linkages through hike and bike trails and parks are required.

-- Development of a town square is encouraged. 

-- Infrastructure should be unobtrusive, attractive and in keeping with the small town character.

In 2004, the Fulshear City Council adopted a new thoroughfare plan that replaced the 1983 plan. This plan shows the proposed Fulshear Trace and the City of Fulshear's suggested route for the expansion of the West Park Toll Road.

The Fulshear Town Square is a proposed concept for the development of a city focal point in the commercial business district and a trailhead for the Proposed Fulshear Trace. Located at the intersection of FM 359 and FM 1093, it is designed to have a large structural feature in the center of a park and will serve as a central point for potential festivals and community activities. Pedestrian trails will connect neighborhood parks, future retail and residential development.

Parks & Recreation Study

The Fulshear Trace is a proposed scenic collector road that will wind through the southern portion of the City of Fulshear. The road will have a 60 foot right-of- way with a 28 foot paving section, which will allow for some preservation of the natural vegetation and scenic corridors. A trail system with a 20' right-of-way will run adjacent to the roadway and will allow trail users to enjoy the Fulshear Trace at a more leisurely pace. The trail will be eight feet in width with two foot cleared shoulders which will allow for both pedestrian and bicyclist use. Rest areas along the Fulshear Trace will allow visitors to take advantage of scenic views and picnic facilities.

Frances Smart Park

The Frances Smart Park is an existing pocket park located in the northern city limits on FM 359. The small park has a gazebo and picnic facilities with some off street parking.

Irene Stern Community Park

Newly dedicated Irene Stern Community Park has state of the art playground equipment, as well as a pavillion with picnic facilities.  The park is located next to the Irene Stern Community Center at 6920 Katy Fulshear Rd. Alderman Larry Beustring initiated and completed this beautiful addition to our city.